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New to Seven Bar? Here's what you'll need to register:

  • Proof of residency - PNM bill (no other utility bills accepted) or current lease contract
  • Child's birth certificate - child must be 5 before September 1st of the current year to begin Kindergarten
  • Child's shot record and any health concerns
  • Doctor's name and phone number
  • Two different emergency contact names with local phone numbers
  • Copy of child's IEP, if applicable
  • Current preschool or childcare information, if applicable
  • Not sure if you live in the Seven Bar district? Visit Find My School
  • Make sure to register using your child's full name (including middle name.

Registration Process

Registering Current Students

  • If your student is currently attending Albuquerque Public Schools use the Current Student Registration website.
  • Use this website if you currently have a ParentVue account or your children have been attending an Albuquerque Public School.
  • Your children will be listed when you open your account. If not, please contact our office to assist you.

Current Student Registration website

  1. Select the New Registration tab located in the upper right.
  2. Select the next school year in the drop down box and then select the Begin New Registration box.
  3. If you now have a kindergarten age student to add, you can do so by using the “Add Student” tab in the student section. In addition to your proof of residence, we will need a Birth Certificate and Shot Record for kindergarten students. Please upload these documents.

Registering New Students

  • New Students to Albuquerque Public Schools use the New Student Registration website.
  • Use this website if you are NEW to Albuquerque Public Schools and HAVE NEVER been enrolled in any APS program such as Headstart, PreK etc.
  • This website will walk you through setting up the required ParentVue account. You will use this account for registration.

New Student Registration Website

Upload Documents

Upload the following three documents to your online registration:

A teacher assignment cannot be made until all items are received. In addition, if you child has an IEP, please supply the office with a copy by email to the above email address. The IEP will be reviewed to assure proper placement and classroom assignment.

  1. Proof of Residence in the 7 Bar attendance area which can be one of the following:
    • PNM or Gas bill (we can only accept this type of bill since it specifies both a service and mailing address.If the proof of residence does not indicate the child’s parent/guardian name, it will be necessary to finalize your registration by completing an APS Family with Family Form which requires a notarization
    • A current Lease Agreement (lease must not expire prior to the first day of school)
  2. Immunization Record
  3. Birth Certificate (you must register your child as their name appears on the birth certificate)