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Visiting Seven Bar


  • Parents and guests enter and exit the school through the main entrance only.
  • Parents are welcome to wait with their child before school in front of the school
  • Parents are not to be on the playground, by the buses, or by classrooms before or after school -- this helps us keep track of "safe" adults on campus.
  • Visitors are required to make prior arrangements or an appointment to visit the classroom in order to minimize disruptions to the instructional program. If you want a conference with your student's teacher, please make arrangements with your student's teacher to meet before or after school. All visitors and volunteers are expected to adhere to APS policies and code of conduct. 
  • You are welcome to volunteer in classrooms, chaperone field trips, or occasionally eat lunch with your child in the cafeteria as long as you have an APS background check.

Office Entry Access

  • Push call button on outdoor video intercom and have your picture ID ready.
  • Wait for unlock sound before pulling on door handle.
  • After you are given access through the first door, push the call button on the indoor video intercom.